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About 7LH

7 Level Home believes that the foundation of anything made for your home should be based on these 7 Levels: Doing Good, Purposeful Design, Supporting Local, Providing Quality, Sustainability, Health, and Simplicity. Our products are carefully thought out and curated designs that have been hand crafted with your space in mind. We utilize only the highest quality materials to make our glassboards, cabinet hardware and metal shelving products. These are proudly made in Charlotte, NC and include a lifetime guarantee.

Our Seven Levels

1. Do Good. We are committed to making a difference in our community, specifically we want to help educators get the tools that they need. This begins with our Modern Chalk Collection, for every seven glassboards we sell - one is donated to a local teacher or school. 

2. Purposeful Design. When it comes to selecting products for your home, they need to do more than just look good. Our products have been designed with both purpose and style.

3. Support Local. Our products are proudly made in the USA. It is important to support not only your local economy,  but American manufacturing.

4. Provide Quality. We use only the highest quality materials and people to create and perfect the items we have designed for you and your space. 

5. Sustainably Made. It is important to ensure we are responsible and sustainable with our manufacturing process. We are conscious of our environment and all aluminum glass in our products is fully recyclable. 

6. Healthy Home. Easy to clean products make for a healthier home. Glass and aluminum are two of the least porous surfaces that can be wiped down to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

7. Embrace Simplicity. It should be simple to incorporate our products into your existing space. Our installations are easy and our products are even easier.